Hard Candy

Transparent chest with 1 kg of candies filled with natural pulp in 8 different flavors: mango, melon, strawberry, cherry, blackberry, lemon, orange and peach.Gluten free product.
Mix of the best coated traditional hard candy: violets, blueberries, orange and lemon segments in wonderful transparent cases of 175 grams.
Traditional hard candy dragée shaped like a flower of five petals made with essence of violet and natural coloring. Case of 150 grams.


Transparent case with 1 kg of honey candies. Gluten-free product.
Transparent chest with an assortment of 1 kg of sour orange and lemon candies.  Gluten free product.Product suitable for vegans.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of mini sour juice candies in eight different flavors: cherry, strawberry, orange, mango, lemon, blackberry, melon and peach. Gluten-free product.

Anise balls 1 kg.

Transparent 1 kg. bag of anise balls. Gluten free product.
Big transparent chest with 1 kilo of ginger candies. Assortment of real ginger extract with lemon and with orange. A sweet candy associated with everything from beating motion sickness to better brain function. Gluten free product.
Sugar-free violets, a typical old candy dragée shaped like a flower of five petals made with the essence of violet and sweetened with Stevia. This product is gluten free.
Ginger and lemon hard candies made with raw materials from organic farming. Gluten free, colorant free and lactose free product. Vegan product..
Transparent chest with 1 kg of candies with liquorice extract, ideal for its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.Gluten-free product.Avoid excessive consumption in case of hypertension.
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