Sin Gluten



Soft jelly with natural honey made from seaweed. Gluten free product.
Assortment of sugar-free candies with natural herbal extracts. Five types of extracts with many active ingredients to make you feel better: thyme, marshmallow, ginger, echinacea and green tea. Fights Coughs Naturally, Soothes Sore Throats.A gluten free, colorant free and lactose free candy.Suitable for vegans.
Sugar-free violets, a typical old candy dragée shaped like a flower of five petals made with the essence of violet and sweetened with Stevia. This product is gluten free.
Assortment of sugar-free chocolate balls in five flavors: Cocktail, Bitter, Tropical, Expresso, Biscuit and Toffee.May contain traces of peanut.Sugar free, gluten free, colorant free and lactose free product.
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