Sin Gluten


Transparent tube with 20 assorted fruit-rock lollipops of 10 grams each. GLUTEN FREE and natural colours.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of honey candies. No sugars added* Gluten free product and sweetened with Stevia. (*)Contains only the natural sugar from honey.
Traditional hard candy dragée shaped like a flower of five petals made with essence of violet and natural coloring. Case of 150 grams.
Sugar free candies with natural green tea extract, spearmint and stevia.Green tea leaves are a very potent source of antioxidants. These prevent the oxidation of other molecules of the body by oxidizing themselves. It is important to maintain a stable level of antioxidants daily, and what better than mixed with spearmint aroma?.Gluten free and colorant...
Transparent case with 1 kg of sugar free candies, honey and lemon flavor. Gluten free candies with natural sweetener Stevia.
Sin Gluten


For licorice-lovers, pure licorice (99,95%) guarantee an intense and strong taste and the comfort of the traditional package you can bring with you everywhere.
Transparent chest with an assortment of 1 kg of sour orange and lemon candies.  Gluten free product.Product suitable for vegans.
Assortment of old-fashioned candies: violets, colourful berries, lemon and orange candy slices and colourful flowers. Gluten free product.
Transparent case with 300g of crispy cereal balls covered with dark chocolate. Product that contains gluten, milk and soy. Nutritional information here.Complimentary chocolates.
Transparent case with 500 grams of jellies made with agar-agar. Contains 25% of fruit juice. Made only with natural colours and flavours, which can be found in seven variations: strawberry, berries, cherry, melon, banana, peach and orange.
Box with assorted chocolates.Chocolate bonbons containing soy, gluten, peanut, milk, nuts and nuts in shell.
Smooth candy with Java coffee extract. GLUTEN FREE. Contains milk and soy. Might contain traces of sulfites. Halal product.
Big transparent chest with 1 kilo of sugar free candies. Assortment of sour and fresh fruits in four flavors: strawberry, apple, orange and lemon. Gluten free product with Stevia.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of sour candies. Assortment of orange and lemon slices. Very sour product! Gluten free product and sweetened with Stevia.Product suitable for vegans.
Box with a mix of coffee candies with and without sugar. Gluten free products.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of espresso coffee candies. Gluten free product and sweetened with Stevia.Product suitable for vegans.
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