Transparent case with 300g of crispy cereal balls covered with dark chocolate. Product that contains gluten, milk and soy. Nutritional information here.Complimentary chocolates.
Transparent case with 100 grams of real toasted coffee grains covered in dark chocolate. Vegan product.Contains soy. Might contain traces of peanut, gluten and milk.
Special and limited edition case for Valentine's Day with personalized label for the occasion. Contains approximately 190 grams of crunchy cereal balls with dark chocolate and a bright red coating.Contains gluten and soy. May contain traces of lactose.
Case with 190 grams of crunchy cereal balls coated with chocolate and silver finish. Ideal for details and events.*Possibility to customize the label from 100 units.Contains gluten, milk and soy.May contain traces of peanut and nuts.
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