Assortment of soft chewy fruit candies.Flavours: orange, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, berries and apple. Gluten free & Lactose free product.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of candies filled with natural pulp in 8 different flavors: mango, melon, strawberry, cherry, blackberry, lemon, orange and peach.Gluten free product.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of unsweetened sugar candy and agar-agar base, a non-animal gelatinous substance of marine origin ideal for those who have a vegetarian diet.An assortment of seven flavours: strawberry, blackberry, cherry, melon, banana, peach and orange.With natural dyes and steviaGluten-free productMay contain traces of sulphides and sulphites.
Transparent chest with 750 grams of guirlache (a type of nougat) crunchy nuts (peanuts and hazelnuts) coated in dark chocolate, all without sugar.Without colourants.May contain traces of gluten and lactose.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of sugar-free candy honey-lemon Geriolín with propolis. The natural and effective way to avoid neck irritations, especially in seasonal changes such as autumn or spring. Gluten-free product and sweetened with Stevia.
Transparent chest with an assortment of 1 kg of sour orange and lemon candies.  Gluten free product.Product suitable for vegans.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of honey candies. No sugars added* Gluten free product and sweetened with Stevia. (*)Contains only the natural sugar from honey.
Transparent case with 300g of crispy cereal balls covered with dark chocolate. Product that contains gluten, milk and soy. Nutritional information here.Complimentary chocolates.
Box with assorted chocolates.Chocolate bonbons containing soy, gluten, peanut, milk, nuts and nuts in shell.
Smooth candy with Java coffee extract. GLUTEN FREE. Contains milk and soy. Might contain traces of sulfites. Halal product.
55% dark chocolate covered in sugar and finished with a river stone effect. Contains soy. May contain traces of gluten, milk, nuts and peanuts.
Ginger and lemon hard candies made with raw materials from organic farming. Gluten free, colorant free and lactose free product. Vegan product..
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