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Sugar-free candy with marshmallow extract. Their flowers are emollient, expectorant and slightly laxative. The roots have a diuretic and astringent effect. Its taste is sweet and aromatic, along with stevia, it makes it one of the healthiest candies in the Geriolín family.Gluten free and colorant free candies.
Assortment of sugar-free candies with natural herbal extracts. Five types of extracts with many active ingredients to make you feel better: thyme, marshmallow, ginger, echinacea and green tea. Fights Coughs Naturally, Soothes Sore Throats.A gluten free, colorant free and lactose free candy.Suitable for vegans.
Sugar free candies with natural green tea extract, spearmint and stevia.Green tea leaves are a very potent source of antioxidants. These prevent the oxidation of other molecules of the body by oxidizing themselves. It is important to maintain a stable level of antioxidants daily, and what better than mixed with spearmint aroma?.Gluten free and colorant...
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Sugar free candies with natural thyme extract and stevia. Very aromatic herb, rich in iron and a great reliever for sore throat, joint pain (arthritis) and upset stomach (like flatulence).Gluten free and colorant free candies.
Transparent chest with 1 kg of sugar-free candy honey-lemon Geriolín with propolis. The natural and effective way to avoid neck irritations, especially in seasonal changes such as autumn or spring. Gluten-free product and sweetened with Stevia.
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