Assorted sugar free candies and...
Assorted sugar free candies and...

Assorted sugar free candies and jellies 1 kg.

VAT included

Assorted jar of sugar free candies (Geriovit and Geriolín), jellies (made with seaweed) and chews with collagen.

Net weight: 1 kg.
All sweets are gluten free.


Assorted box of candies, jellies and soft candies without sugar:

- Geriovit sweets: eucalyptus, honey-lemon, anise, coffee and sour juices.
- Geriovit Plus Candies: assortment of sour fruits (melon, peach, cherry and lime-lemon flavor).
- Geriolín candy Super Strong Menthol and Geriolín candies with natural herb extracts.
- Sugar-free jellies made with Agar-Agar seaweed in 7 different flavors.
- Geriovit soft candies assortment in 4 flavors and collagen.

The proportion of each type of candy on a 1 kg box might vary slightly.

All the products are gluten free.

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